College and Career Readiness Meets Adaptive Test Preparation

By Stephen M. Smith, President, Advising and Admissions, Hobsons

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College and career readiness is ultimately about learning, and effective learning is about providing a personalized experience that reaches each student where he or she is. For this reason, we are particularly excited about our recently announced acquisition of PrepMe.

We feel that PrepMe has built an impressive adaptive learning platform that can deliver academic content based on the needs of each individual student. By emphasizing those areas where students need assistance rather than reviewing areas students have already mastered, learning is more efficient. By focusing on individual needs, students are more engaged, and learning is more effective.

PrepMe’s adaptive learning platform has many potential uses, including preparation for standardized tests. The PrepMe team has already developed really strong offerings to support the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, taking advantage of the unique adaptive capabilities built into the platform. Over the next few weeks, we will be linking those offerings to Naviance Succeed – matching the level of integration we have offered through third-party partners in the past. But that is only the beginning. By bringing the PrepMe platform in-house, we can achieve a much deeper level of integration between our market-leading college and career readiness capabilities and the powerful adaptive learning capabilities PrepMe provides.

We know that the market offers many choices for test prep, but context is critical. Our experience shows that when test prep is presented within Naviance and Family Connection, students use it more frequently and more intentionally than when it is yet another program available to them. The first version of our integration will be finished in mid-March. At that time, schools that previously subscribed to test prep for the SAT, ACT, or both through one of our NavStore partners will receive free access to PrepMe for the same tests through mid-September or when their current test prep contracts expire, whichever comes first. Schools that do not already have test prep through one of our partners may learn more, or pre-order PrepMe today by contacting their account representatives or e-mailing We realize that you may have other questions about our acquisition of PrepMe, and so we have also compiled a brief FAQ that may be helpful.

We are confident that our acquisition of PrepMe is great news for our members and for the 4.5 million students we serve together. It is your support of Naviance that has allowed us to grow to provide resources like this, and we appreciate it. Thank you for being a member of the Naviance Network!

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