Leveraging Naviance with a Career Fair

By Rob Spackey, Product Marketing Manager, Hobsons

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Mineola High School on Long Island, New York is in its first year implementing Naviance and is already finding creative ways to engage students with the new platform. One way is through a much-improved experience at the school’s career fair.

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This year, assistant principal Whittney Smith decided to have each student take the Career Interest Profiler in Naviance prior to the event. With the Career Interest Profiler, students respond to simple questions about their likes and dislikes and Naviance suggests career clusters that might be a good fit for them. With the results in hand, students were able to reflect on potential career paths prior to the career fair. Smith and his staff then created a “Passport to the Future” for each student that listed the students’ career clusters and the professionals at the fair who were representing those fields. Students carried their “passport” around with them when speaking to each professional about his or her experience in that occupation.

Smith said that the process of having students first learn about and reflect on possible career paths resulted in increased engagement at the event. Students were also eager to ask questions of professionals in fields that Naviance had shown would fit well with their strengths.

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Smith also shared that a roundtable format, as opposed to career stations or booths, was much better for fostering engagement and dialogue at the fair. Each roundtable included at least one professional from a given field. Students who had that field in their Naviance career cluster results spent 20 minutes learning more about the life of someone with that profession before moving on to the next table. The tables facilitated conversation and dialogue about the career in a more personalized way.

Smith said that students gave him very positive feedback about the fair. They liked being able to learn about the paths that were interesting and meaningful to them before the event. Bruna Martins, a junior, is interested in science and she was able to speak with medical professionals about different career paths for someone with her interests. Smith was very enthusiastic about the fair this year and plans to utilize a similar format next year.

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