SAT Vocabulary Building Goes Social

By Crystal Nikish, Marketing Manager, Hobsons

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Want your students to build their vocabulary skills? Invite them to play a game. With the launch of the PrepMe Vocabulary Quiz game on Facebook, preparing for the SAT has never been more social.

Available for free in the Facebook App Center, the PrepMe Vocabulary Quiz game is a quick and challenging social game designed to make preparing for the big test engaging and fun. Students can choose to play by definition or fill-in-the-blank for 15 rounds of beginner or expert vocabulary questions. Correct answers, level of difficulty, and speed will earn them points and unlock new achievements. Or, they can challenge their friends and family to compete in weekly tournaments to earn medals and bragging rights. Students can even track their progress over time to see how much they’ve improved.

Filled with over 3,500 SAT vocabulary words, the PrepMe Vocabulary Quiz offers a wide variety of words to keep students entertained and learning for a long time. Play it on Facebook today!

Vocabulary Quiz
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by Hobsons

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