Top Four Reasons Why Service is Important in High Schools

By Michele Pitman, President and CEO, intelliVOL

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Community service is increasing among high school students, and schools are having a hard time pointing them toward meaningful, diverse and transformative volunteer opportunities. Most schools currently track service hours with paper forms and physical signatures, forcing an overwhelming amount of administrative hours to be wasted on paperwork. Students, teachers, and parents rely on these forms to ensure that requirements are met for school clubs, college admission, and graduation requirements. Keeping track of forms throughout high school is not easy.

Despite the paper barrier, educators agree that service is important. According to high school counselors, these are the top four reasons why community service is important to students:

  1. Service gives students a sense of purpose.
  2. Service has a positive impact on grades.
  3. Service can shape the direction of a student's life and change the way he or she views the world.
  4. Service has a positive impact on college acceptance.

Naviance and intelliVOL have partnered to bring online tracking, reporting, approval, and verification to high schools. Through this partnership, Naviance clients will have the option to add x2VOL’s tracking and reporting capabilities to Naviance, enabling students and school administrators to easily track and manage high school student volunteer activity.

The benefits of adding x2VOL through Naviance include:

  • Tracking: Students can easily track and manage their volunteer activity with Naviance.
  • Administration: Guidance counselors and program advisors can create groups, post on-campus events, and approve volunteer hours online.
  • Reporting: Students and administrators can easily view analytics online—or via exported files—reducing time associated with traditional paper tracking processes.

Through the Naviance partnership, intelliVOL is proud to offer x2VOL to schools because we believe that Every Hour Counts!™ and we can’t wait to serve you as your students serve their communities.

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