What’s New with Naviance eDocs for the 2014-2015 Application Season?

By Su Hallenbeck, Director of Product Marketing, Hobsons

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Naviance eDocs is now available to schools for the 2014-15 school year. We think that you will find Naviance eDocs to have a simpler and more intuitive experience from end-to-end. Customers can also expect greater reliability and stability of service. To get an in-depth look at what's new for this year, watch the video below.

What's New with Naviance eDocs
Susan Hallenbeck, Director of Product Marketing, shares a demonstration of new eDocs features and functionality for the 2014-15 school year.

What's New this Season?

Easier Activation

Start preparing in just a few steps
Easily indicate if your school will opt-out of The Common Application integration
Schools will no longer need to download or maintain a print driver or any third-party application

More Intuitive Navigation

See active applications on the same page as the student's documents
Access school-wide forms from a global location
A standard document upload process simplifies preparation across the board. Easily distinguish between forms to prepare and documents to upload.

Better Destination Management

Now you can filter Common App destinations and sort by city, state and country.

Improved Common App Matching

Date of birth is now required when students match their Family Connection and Common Application accounts, increasing the likelihood of a match the first time and reducing troubleshooting.
Important: Schools may choose to opt-out of the Common App integration at any time. To take advantage of the Common App integration, schools must activate Naviance eDocs prior to September 2nd.

What Else is New?

This fall we look forward to introducing multiple transcript upload. This significant improvement to the Naviance eDocs workflow will result in greater efficiency and allow staff to spend more time working with students. We will also be introducing an improved process for NCAA document submission. Exact release dates for these elements have not been announced.

For more information on getting started with Naviance eDocs for the 2014-2015 season, visit the Naviance Network.

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