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Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum

While the vast majority of students today aspire to go on to college, few know what it takes to optimize their potential and reach their goals. The Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum is a blended learning solution for students in grades 6-12 that helps them develop critical non-cognitive skills and college knowledge, and instills confidence so that they’ll persevere to reach their long-term college and career goals.

Video: Introducing the Naviance Curriculum
The Naviance Curriculum, developed in collaboration with Roadtrip Nation, helps students to develop critical knowledge and skills that will help them reach their post-secondary goals.
RTN Define Your Own Road in Life

Roadtrip Nation Collaboration

The Curriculum was developed in collaboration with Roadtrip Nation, who are dedicated to career exploration and helping individuals find their own roads in life. Videos created exclusively for the Naviance Curriculum allow students to hear from high school students, college students and professionals to help them see what lies ahead, and encourage them to persevere.

Bridging the Aspirations Gap


Self-awareness is the first step for students to create a path that is meaningful to them. By recognizing their own skills and interests, students form their foundation for a successful future.

Success Skills

By developing successful habits and skills in areas such as homework, life, and goal setting, students learn the skills necessary to navigate any path they choose.


Every student needs support along the way, and every student’s support network will look different. Teachers, school staff, families and others create a network as students move through the path to post-secondary readiness.

Career Plan

No matter what a student aspires to do in life, having the skills to be career-ready is essential. Resumes, career planning, and goal setting all help students set out the best path for them.

College Plan

The key to college readiness is to start early. By understanding the college process, exploring college options, and navigating the steps to apply, students will be equipped to reach their potential for post-secondary education.


Start financial readiness early with financial awareness. By providing students and families with tools to make smart decisions and developing the skills to complete the FAFSA, students will be well prepared for post-secondary financial success.

College & Career

Provide Instructional Scaffolding for College and Career Readiness

Lessons in the Curriculum cover a broad range of topics designed to guide students at each grade level through the steps they need to take to be ready for transitioning from middle school to high school, or planning for life after high school. Students will learn about critical topics related to self-discovery, developing success skills, building a network, exploring career options, and planning for college - academically, socially, emotionally and financially.

Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum in the classroom

“The Naviance Curriculum takes students through the process of understanding what it takes to graduate college and career ready. It chunks it in little units that are doable for kids, engaging for kids, and relevant for kids, and gets kids thinking about what does that look like for them. I think that’s our greatest challenge in education, and I think that’s what this program does.”

—Annie Petrie, Assistant Principal, Napa High School

Measure Readiness

Schools can measure students’ readiness with a pre- and post-assessment of knowledge and skills in each grade, 6-12. These assessments allow counselors, teachers and other staff to more effectively target students needing additional support.

Learn More About the Naviance Curriculum

“The Naviance Curriculum helped me to realize what I know and what I don’t know.”

—11th Grade Student, Arlington, Virginia

Hobsons has made a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action to ready at-risk and minority students for college and career by scaling the Naviance Curriculum to reach 30,000 students and support 50 overburdened counselors over the next three years.

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CGI America (CGIA) convenes leaders to turn ideas into action. CGI America Commitments to Action represent bold new ways that CGI commitment makers address challenges in the United States — implemented through new methods of partnership and designed to maximize impact. Commitments can be small or large, global or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help CGI America commitment makers translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results.

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