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Career Exploration

The career planning and assessment tools in Naviance allow students to realize their strengths, goals, skills, knowledge, values, constraints, and interests in future careers, to help them make better academic decisions.

Naviance offers a series of career assessments that help students discover multiple career options, and plan their career paths based on general areas of interest, and the level of education and training required to achieve their individual goals and objectives.These tools allow students to realize their goals, skills, knowledge, values, constraints and interests to help them make better academic decisions. During this process, students gain a clear understanding of the academic preparation required to pursue careers that are likely to be fulfilling to them.

Career Exploration in Naviance
Naviance career exploration empowers students to learn about themselves while identifying careers that match their interests and strengths. Students will watch videos of industry leaders talking about how they reached their goals in the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive. Career exploration with Naviance can help students develop their own long-term goals, and help them understand how to get there.

The personality and career assessments are invaluable as we work with students to discover areas of interest and set goals for the future.

—Sherilyn Calhoun, Incarnate Word Academy High School, Corpus Christi, TX

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