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PrepMe Online Test Prep Features

PrepMe is an adaptive learning platform for test preparation that diagnoses each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses and creates a personalized study plan based on their needs and timelines. PrepMe is also fully integrated in to the Naviance platform, so schools can report on student progress and track score improvements over time.

Test preparation should not be a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. Designed to help students meet their achievement targets, PrepMe’s web-based test prep  system begins with an initial diagnostic  test to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The results combine with the date the student will take the SAT® and ACT® to create a personalized weekly schedule that includes interactive lessons, practice quizzes, and intermittent full-length tests. With PrepMe, students make the most of their time spent studying for their ACT and SAT exams.

Thousands of students in schools worldwide have used PrepMe and achieved amazing results. Our approach just works. Our skills-based curriculum ensures that your students are not only better prepared to take the ACT or SAT, but that they also have a real understanding of the material needed for college readiness and success. Our outstanding program is also backed by world-class support specialists that are ready to help you with any challenge you may come across. When it comes to test prep, we've got your students covered.

PrepMe for Students
What’s the secret to exceptional test scores? Practice and personalization. PrepMe offers a unique approach to ACT® and SAT® test preparation that individualizes instruction based on where students need the most help and the amount of time they have to prepare for their exams.

PrepMe is the only program I’ve used that directly informs instruction and provides the depth of reporting qualified administrators seek when determining program outcomes.

—Andrea Knowles, Gage Park High School

Adaptive Learning Platform

Each student takes an initial hour-long diagnostic exam that analyzes his or her strengths and weaknesses across more than 100 skill areas (such as "Quadratic Formula" and "Pronoun Case"). Then our adaptive learning platform analyzes the data and generates an individual skill profile — within seconds. Based on the results of the diagnostic exam, our technology creates a personalized, week-to-week study plan for each student. Then as students progress through the course, the program adapts to them, prioritizing study time on lessons that are needed most and minimizing time spent on skills that are already mastered.

Skills-based Instruction

True learning is the key to success on standardized exams like the ACT and SAT, as well as preparing students for college. PrepMe includes over 60 hours of interactive online lessons and quizzes that are embedded with real-time Q&A to reinforce learning and improve memory retention, ensuring students understand every topic and concept. PrepMe will not only prepare students to get amazing test scores, it will also teach the skills needed to excel in college and beyond.

Standards Reporting

PrepMe provides detailed reports on each student’s usage and scores. View reports on the individual level or compare custom groups to make sure they stay on target for upcoming test dates. With the ACT PrepMe course, reports can also be created by individual Common Core State Standards or ACT College Readiness Standards, making it easy to provide compliance for state mandates. Reports can also be used to fulfill any funding applications or support grant writing efforts and school board presentations.

Full-length Practice Tests

PrepMe uses full-length practice tests so students get the most realistic practice possible. In addition, dozens of practice quizzes reinforce what they are learning. Personalized schedules automatically tell them when to take quizzes and on which weeks they should attempt full-length practice tests. Instantly graded online, the tests will give them an idea of how they’ll do on the real thing.

Custom Tests and Quizzes

The optional ACT Item Bank offers custom assessments aligned to PrepMe skills, ACT College Readiness Standards, and Common Core State Standards. Made up of over 2,000 questions, the item bank enables up to 33 hours of comprehensive review and extended practice and learning. Teachers can create custom quizzes using items directly from the question bank.

PrepMe Vocabulary Quiz Game

The PrepMe Vocabulary Quiz is a fun and easy Facebook game that helps students build their SAT vocabulary skills and prep them for the big test. Students can score points, win badges, and challenge their friends to come out on top in our weekly tournament.

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