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PrepMe Implementation Framework

The key to any successful test prep program is simple in theory – get students to put in the time and effort to complete the course work and prepare for their tests. However, getting students to engage with any test preparation course – online or not – can be a significant challenge. Fortunately, we’ve been able to talk to some of our most successful PrepMe clients, and we’ve developed a success framework that we think is universally applicable to improving student usage and achieving significant results.

Four Stages of Implementation

One of the major benefits of PrepMe is that it is easy to deploy. Because most of our clients also purchase Naviance, there is an integrated rollout that takes care of the deployment and enrollment process. But the key is what happens after that launch. While some students will see the resource and be curious enough to try it on their own, the vast majority of students need a bit more encouragement and guidance. This is where our implementation framework comes in. We have broken up the ideal PrepMe implementation plan into four stages that will help you and your students achieve success with your test prep program.

PrepMe Implementation Framework
We have broken up the ideal PrepMe implementation plan into four stages that will help you and your students achieve success with your test prep program.


PrepMe includes easy-to-use reporting tools that schools can use to monitor usage and test score information. Even though many schools have different learning objectives, every school can benefit from looking at the data and finding ways to act on it.

Within Naviance you can see information about student activity directly within a student folder. This will help drive conversations that encourage PrepMe usage and help students target specific test dates.

PrepMe also has a wide variety of reports that target everything from basic usage to detailed skill acquisition. These reports can be used to understand specific strengths and weaknesses and often prove effective in conversations with parents and teachers. The reports can also be used to align PrepMe content to Common Core and ACT College Readiness standards.



Every successful deployment will have some level of promotion involved. Finding the right way to promote PrepMe to students, parents, and teachers can be the single-most effective way to begin to see increases in usage and engagement. One easy way to get started with mass communication to students and parents is through the Naviance group email tool.

Information sessions for parents can help provide context to the test prep course, reminding parents of key dates and giving them the information they need to be informed stakeholders in the test prep process.

Subject area teachers can suggest that students engage with certain content, and some schools have even provided some extra credit for students who will select a target test date and complete the diagnostic tests.



This is where implementations start to get a bit more hands-on. While the investment is usually greater in these areas, each investment can start to have significant returns.

Keeping PrepMe at the top of students’ minds is important to encourage use, and counseling office visits are a great place to start. Many of our clients have talked to us about specific student interactions where PrepMe was brought into the conversation. Try to include reminders about this resource in any conversation about college preparation.

There are a variety of ways to engage students and parents with targeted communications. Many of our clients will announce upcoming test dates that include reminders about PrepMe. An even more effective announcement might highlight a particular PrepMe success story that would resonate with either the student or parent audience.

Most schools have a variety of good opportunities both in and out of school for students to use PrepMe. If you have a study hall or independent study period, you can encourage PrepMe usage and provide reminders to students in any dedicated spaces (i.e. classrooms and computer labs) that the resource is a worthwhile use of that time. If you have after-school college readiness programs, the tool can be introduced to those groups of students and you can facilitate usage.



While there are a variety of implementation styles that yield fruit, most clients who find success with PrepMe have some element of “Drive” in their implementations.

There will be many who will contribute to the success of an implementation, however, most of the schools who see strong results have a single person who is responsible for their PrepMe implementations. The adage, “when everyone is responsible, no one is responsible,” seems to be a useful one when it comes to PrepMe. Consider choosing a driver who will take ownership of key PrepMe goals and metrics, and then choose a style that seems to fit your school resources and needs the best.


These are common “Drive” patterns we’re seeing with our most successful clients:

​“Let me know if you need help…”

Some schools have specific times where using PrepMe for test prep is encouraged. This could be a study hall period or a dedicated period for college readiness. This style of implementation involves having someone there to provide feedback, answer questions, and resolve technical issues. School staff members in charge of these class periods can create custom groups to monitor just their own students.

“I see that you’re struggling with…”

Whether you have dedicated test-prep time or not, you can use PrepMe reporting features to identify those who are struggling with certain content. In a dedicated test prep period this might involve an entire class taking the same quiz, and then the teacher using the quiz results to guide further instruction or discussion.

“Today we’re going to learn…”

This is a very hands-on type of implementation, which involves either dedicated test prep time or a dedicated test-prep course. Several of our clients have told us about how they use PrepMe as the primary curriculum for a test prep course. Other clients have told us about specific test prep schedules that each student is given to drive a unified approach to completing specific course content on a more schedule.

“To stay on target you need to…”

Many schools drive PrepMe usage through specific schedules that include both PrepMe content and other test prep activities. These schedules are often based on target test dates that the school has identified for their students and include school specific best practices that have been acquired over time. Schedules can be enforced through an official course structure, or just encouraged through course announcements and emails.

A successful implementation of any student tool can be a significant undertaking. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to start seeing results immediately. Here are some things to keep in mind as you move forward with your PrepMe program:

  • This is a framework, not an implementation plan. For the best results, take the strategies presented here and customize them to fit the students and curriculum at your individual school or district.
  • A high-level of effort in any particular area is likely to yield results. Start with the implementation stage where you see the biggest gap and concentrate there first.
  • You can easily start where you are and make significant progress one small step at a time. Use feedback from each group of students using PrepMe to improve the implementation process for the next group.
  • Our Professional Services team is here to help as well. All clients receive PrepMe roll-out materials including implementation checklists and training videos. On-site and web-based training is also available and Consulting services can help your district ensure a successful implementation.

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