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Naviance Test Prep

Naviance Test Prep provides resources that give students the opportunity to perform their best on test day.

Naviance helps students connect learning and life. Once students have identified their goals, they will see how standardized tests (including SATs, ACTs, ACT WorkKeys and AP exams) can help them reach their goals. Naviance Test Prep provides proven, game-based courses that help students to perform their best on test day. Naviance Test Prep is also seamlessly integrated with Naviance to help students be college and career ready, all from one place.

Naviance Test Prep delivers:

  • Engaging courses
  • Premier content
  • Intelligent reporting
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"Great information and a fantastic learning tool!"
Naviance Test Prep Parent (ACT)

*The following AP tests are supported: Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, English Language & Composition, English Literature, Environmental Science, European History, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Physics 1, Physics C: Electricity, Magnetism, and Mechanics , Psychology, Spanish, Statistics, US Government & Politics, US History, World History

Naviance Test Prep WorkKeys

Many students graduate high school planning to enter the workforce directly. Yet many students lack critical skills necessary to be successful in entry-level jobs. Learn how Naviance Test Prep for WorkKeys can help.

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The gamified courses allow students to earn badges and rewards as they learn. These positive reinforcements are proven to motivate students to complete activities in our courses. Naviance Test Prep is also adaptive to help students focus on the most important concepts for them, based on daily goals, to maximize their study time.

Engaging Courses

As students progress through the course, Naviance Test Prep adjusts to help students focus on the most important content and maximize their study time.

As students answer questions correctly, they accumulate points and badges. These reinforcements positively reward students and help keep them motivated to persist.

Premier Content

The content in Naviance Test Prep is created by subject matter experts from leading education publishers: McGraw Hill Education, Allen Prep, Cengage Learning, and Mastery Prep. Content is updated regularly by experts and refreshed in Naviance Test Prep.

Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent reporting helps students, teachers, and administrators answer: How am I doing? How is my class doing? How is my district doing?

Students and educators are then able to answer: What should I do next?

Students can see how far along they are and what concepts need attention. Teachers and counselors can easily identify which students may need support on specific concepts. And district administrators can see progress by school and by classroom.

"My favorite feature is the study plan because it takes you week by week to make sure you cover everything. Naviance Test Prep is a great ACT prep course!"

—Naviance Test Prep Student (ACT)


A study of over 18,000 students showed that Naviance Test Prep increases student scores by an average of 16% when used regularly.* The study showed a direct correlation between students completing learning activities and performing better on practice questions. In addition, students who used a Naviance Test Prep study plan had 27% higher scores than students who did not use a plan.

Learn more about how Naviance Test Prep improves scores and student engagement in this infographic.

*Score improvement results were determined by comparing 18,000 students' answers at the beginning of the course - during the first 20% of activities - to the end of the course, after they completed at least 80% of the activities. Students at the end of the course, on average, had 16% better scores.

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"My daughter prefers Naviance Test Prep to private tutoring sessions she had in the past. It’s more convenient, more interesting and a lot more fun!"

—Naviance Test Prep Parent (SAT)

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