CCLR Framework

Build the Mindsets and Skill Sets for Student Success
The CCLR Framework provides a blueprint to prepare middle and high school students for success after graduation. This practical tool set helps schools and districts of all sizes define, measure, and track success for their college, career and life readiness initiatives. The result is purposeful approach to CCLR that drives long-term student engagement and better outcomes.

CCLR Competencies

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The research-backed model outlines six competencies that students in grades 6-12 must achieve to become college, career and life ready. Each competency outlines themes and objectives to further define success, as well as grade-specific activities to achieve each the grade-specific objectives. The framework provides guidance on key the metrics to track related to each competency.

Educators can assess the maturity of their organization’s college, career, and life readiness initiatives with a research-based diagnostic assessment and a summative assessment.

The CCLR Framework helps educators:
  • Give students a practical toolkit for mastering 6 competencies that they must achieve to be college, career and life ready
  • Focus on the strategy behind driving student outcomes and community engagement rather than the “how”
  • Define, measure, and track success for college, career and life readiness initiatives
  • Drive long-term student engagement and better outcomes through a purposeful approach to implementation and technology usage
  • Benefit from 16+ years of experience helping students build the competencies they need to succeed and identify further education required to achieve their goals
  • Evaluate the maturity of the district or school’s college, career, and life readiness initiatives with research-based diagnostic summative assessments

Now that you’ve downloaded The CCLR Framework, take your free online assessment to see where your program stands. The assessment is built with questions for each competency and separated between Middle School and High School. Once you complete the assessment you’ll be able to download your results and talk to an expert!

Middle School Assessment   High School Assessment

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The six competencies represent the skills, abilities and knowledge researchers and educators have identified as crucial to long-term success after high school.

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