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Naviance Insights is a series of college outcome dashboards that empower educators to build a college readiness strategy on proven results. Naviance Insights delivers previously unavailable and hard to obtain data on the factors that drive college outcomes in an actionable, easy to read format.
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Naviance Insights:
Outcomes Dashboard

Track college outcomes. Report your results.

Tracking and reporting college outcomes has never been easier. Year-over-year results enables educators to identify college outcome trends. On-track metrics enable staff to take action today by determining if current students are ahead or behind previous classes in key outcomes such as college applications and college acceptances.

The Outcomes Dashboard is available now for no additional fee!

Naviance Insights Outcomes Dashboard

The Outcomes Dashboard enables educators to:

Track Outcomes

Educators can track college outcomes by 7 different filters: gender, ethnicity, student group, ACT score, SAT score, district zone, or high school.

Report Results

Report important data such as the number of seniors who applied to 3+ colleges and the 6-year graduation rate for alumni in easily exportable, presentation-ready formats.

Track and report 8 key college outcomes, including:

College Applications

  • Students who have applied to at least 1 college
  • Students who have applied to 2-year or 4-year college

College Enrollment *

  • Students accepted to college but have not enrolled
  • Students enrolled in college the first year after high school

College Acceptances

  • Students accepted to at least 1 college
  • Students accepted at 2-year or 4-year college

College Persistence and Completion *

  • Students who have completed a college degree within 6 years after high school graduation
  • Students who have enrolled in college the first year after high school and persisted to their second year

The Naviance Insights Outcomes Dashboard is available from the Naviance home page by clicking on Analytics > Naviance Insights.

* Schools are able to automatically populate data on college enrollment, persistence and completion with a subscription to Naviance Alumni Tracker, or import outcomes obtained outside of Naviance.

Naviance Insights Premium:
Analysis and Comparison Dashboards

Analyze college outcomes. Inform your strategy.

Naviance Insights Premium will be available this summer.

Build your strategy on proven results

The Analysis and Comparison Dashboards help educators improve college outcomes by identifying programs and interventions that lead to success, informing decision-making for counselors and administrators. Implement proven strategies by unlocking the factors that influence college outcomes.

Naviance Insights Premium enables you to:

Uncover What's Working

Pinpoint factors that influence college outcomes and analyze outcomes by ethnicity, gender, and high school in your district.

Analyze 17 research-backed variables that can inform targeted support across your school or district. See the impact that these factors have on college outcomes:

Academic Variables

  • Number of Math Courses Taken
  • Number of Courses Taken
  • Number of CTE Courses Taken
  • Number of AP Exams Taken

Demographic and Institutional Variables

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • High School Attended
  • District Zones
  • Customized Group

Naviance Usage Variables

  • Number of Success Planner Tasks Completed
  • Number of Visits to Naviance
  • Resume Completion in Naviance

College Preparation Variables

  • Number of Colleges I’m Applying To
  • Number of Colleges I’m Thinking About
  • Top 25 Colleges Applied To
  • SAT Score
  • ACT Score

Customize Your Analysis

Customize reports (including year-over-year comparisons) to identify which factors influence outcomes for groups such as first-generation students or participants in existing college readiness programs. With custom analysis of student groups, you can evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs, which can often cost more than $200 per student. Easy to access analysis will help direct resources to programs with the largest impact for students.

Naviance Insights Analysis Dashboard

Analysis Dashboard: Identify the variables that correlate with college outcomes. Analyze results for 17 variables to pinpoint what positively impacts your students.


Naviance Insights Analysis Dashboard

Comparison Dashboard: Identify critical college outcome trends by ethnicity and gender

Implement Proven Strategies

Unlock data to identify and implement proven strategies that help more students reach their goals. Answer important questions such as:

  • Which counseling programs are having the most impact?
  • What groups may need differentiated programs?
  • Which current interventions are effective?

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