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Counselors and other postsecondary advisors often have large caseloads of students and not enough time to support every student individually. Counselors need to know where to focus efforts based on data showing what programs and strategies are working for different students.
Naviance Insights is a series of college outcome dashboards that empower educators to identify which programs are working and analyze outcomes by gender, ethnicity and student group. The easy-to-use dashboards include daily updates from Naviance, helping educators spot concerning trends before it’s too late.

Do You Know Your College Application Rates by Ethnicity?

The Naviance Insights Outcomes Dashboard is available in your subscription for no charge. Hover over Analytics on the home page and click on “Naviance Insights”.

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How to Leverage Naviance Insights

Do you know how this year’s senior class is performing
on college milestones compared to previous years?

The Outcomes Dashboard enables educators to:

Track Outcomes

With easily accessible data, educators can track college outcomes by 7 different filters:

  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • student group
  • ACT score
  • SAT score
  • district zone
  • high school

Report Results

Share important data such as the number of seniors who applied to 3+ colleges and the 6-year graduation rate for alumni in easily exportable, presentation-ready formats.

Schools can automatically populate results for college enrollment, persistence and completion data with a subscription to Naviance Alumni Tracker, or by importing outcomes obtained outside of Naviance.

Do You Know ...

  • How this year’s senior class is performing on college milestones compared to previous years?
  • Your college application rates by gender and ethnicity?
  • If your college readiness programs are working?
  • If you have had any drops in college enrollment by ethnicity over the last several years?
The Naviance Insights Outcomes Dashboard enables you to answer these questions and more.
Chicago Public Schools

It’s not always easy to determine the impact that college readiness programs have on students’ success. Naviance Insights allows me (as well as counselors) to do this, right in Naviance, in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Eugene Robinson Manager of Postsecondary Initiatives
Chicago Public Schools


Track and report 8 key college outcomes, including:

College Applications

  • Applied to 1 or more colleges
  • Applied to 2-year or 4-year college

College Acceptances

  • Accepted to college
  • Accepted to 2-year or 4-year college

College Enrollment

  • Accepted to college but has not enrolled
  • Enrolled in college the first year after high school

College Persistence and Completion

  • Persisted to sophomore year
  • Completed a college degree
Naviance Insights is available in all Naviance subscriptions. Naviance Insights Premium enables you to go further and identify the variables that influence your students’ college outcomes, helping to inform your strategy.

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