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Naviance Student is the new, mobile accessible Naviance experience. Available to all clients in spring 2018, Naviance Student will replace Family Connection for the 2018-19 school year.

Naviance Student makes it easier than ever for students to answer the questions that will shape their future: Who am I? What do I want to be? How will I get there? and How will I succeed? The new design delivers the power of Naviance to students’ fingertips with familiar and intuitive tools that personalize and simplify the college and career planning process.

Introducing Naviance Student with Monica Morrell, General Manager of Naviance

  • Accessible Anywhere: As a tablet and smartphone-ready experience, Naviance Student is available where students are - on their devices.
  • More Engaging: The modern, student-centric design brings college and career exploration and planning to life.
  • Easy to Use: With a familiar layout and workflow, educators and students will find Naviance Student easy to use.

Naviance Student will be available in spring 2018 for no additional charge. Family Connection will be available, in parallel, for the remainder of the 2017-18 school year. All schools and districts are encouraged to pilot Naviance Student with students starting this spring. Any schools that have not upgraded to Naviance Student will be automatically upgraded in August 2018 at no charge. After the upgrade, Family Connection will no longer be available. All data entered in Family Connection will be automatically transitioned to Naviance Student.

First Look Series: Naviance Student on a Mobile Device

What’s New in Naviance Student?

Accessible Anywhere

  • Mobile-Friendly: Naviance Student is optimized for students and families to access from any device including smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and desktops.
  • Access for All: ⅓ of U.S. families living below the poverty line access the internet only from mobile devices. All families with a Naviance account can now access high-quality college and career planning resources on any device.


  • Personalized Experience: An updated welcome page helps students quickly scan important messages and upcoming deadlines, and the About Me section now includes students’ progress on assessments and surveys.
  • College Search: An exciting new experience is coming in Fall 2018.

Easy to Use

  • Improved Navigation: Students and educators will notice improved navigation and streamlined workflows within the updated UI.
  • Resume Export: Students can export resumes in a printer-friendly format.
  • Calendar View of Tasks and To-Dos: Students can see when tasks are due in an easy-to-read calendar format.
Naviance Student

What’s Staying the Same?

Kelly Riedel

Naviance Student is interactive and easy to use. With smartphone and tablet access, our students are more likely to complete Naviance activities, which is phenomenal.

Carol Lopez College & Career Readiness Supervisore
Broward County Public Schools

Consistent Layout

The layout of Naviance Student is consistent with Family Connection today, making the transition easier for students and staff.

Your Data

All data will transition to the new student experience. There is no action required on your part to transfer data. In addition, all custom messages and permissions established in Family Connection will transition to the new experience.

Naviance Curriculum and Naviance Test Prep

The student and educator experience of Naviance Curriculum and Naviance Test Prep are not changing with the introduction of Naviance Student.

Your Subscription

All Naviance subscriptions include Naviance Student.

Seamless Upgrade

Resource Hub

Once Naviance Student is available, a Resource Hub with video overviews and tutorials as well as a Preparation Checklist will ensure a successful transition to the new student experience in spring 2018.

Transition Period

Enable Naviance Student this spring at the best time for you. Students, staff, and families can become familiar with Naviance Student before the start of next school year.

Naviance Student

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Naviance Student | Coming Spring 2018