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Find answers to your questions about the new Naviance Student
  1. How does Naviance Student support student success?

    Naviance Student makes it easier and more engaging than ever for students to answer the four most important questions that shape their future: Who am I? What do I want to be? How will I get there? and How will I succeed? The new mobile-friendly design delivers the power of Naviance to students’ fingertips with familiar and intuitive tools that personalize and simplify the college and career planning process.

  2. Will Naviance Student replace Family Connection?

    Yes, Naviance Student will replace Family Connection in the 2018-19 school year.

  3. How do I upgrade to Naviance Student?

    Instructions for upgrading to Naviance Student at no charge are available in the Naviance Network.

  4. What are some of the main differences between Family Connection and the new student experience?

    Naviance Student helps students engage anywhere and is:

    • Accessible Anywhere: As a tablet and smartphone-ready experience, Naviance Student is available where students are - on their devices.
    • More Engaging: The modern, student-centric design brings college and career exploration and planning to life.
    • Easy to Use: With a familiar layout and workflow, educators and students will find Naviance Student easy to use.
  5. Which features are not yet available in Naviance Student?

    The following features of Naviance Student are coming later in April:

    In addition, a new version of SuperMatch will be fully incorporated in Naviance Student this summer, with a beta version coming later in April. The current version of SuperMatch is available in Naviance Student now.

    The following features are available when students login to Naviance Student. However, they are not available right now when a staff user clicks on “Demo Naviance Student” from the home page and “View as Student” from a student’s profile page.

    • Scattergrams
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • College Events
  6. When are schools recommended to upgrade to the new experience?

    Schools and districts are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the new experience this spring. Doing so will enable you to:

    • Give every student equal access: 1/3 of families living below the poverty line access the internet only from mobile devices. As districts strive to provide equal opportunity to all students, Naviance Student makes college and career resources available to all students and families. Enable all families to access critical resources as soon as possible this spring!
    • Be ready for next school year: Naviance Family Connection will no longer be accessible after August 2018. Use our free resources to create a transition plan this spring to familiarize your students and staff with the new experience.
  7. Can I preview the experience before enabling it for students?

    Yes, you will be able to explore the experience as a staff member prior to student availability.

  8. When will all schools and districts be upgraded to the new experience?

    Schools and districts that have chosen not to enable the new experience in the spring will be automatically upgraded in August 2018. All schools and districts are encouraged to upgrade this spring.

  9. Will students' information transfer to the new experience?

    Yes, all saved student data will automatically transfer to the new student experience once enabled. No action is required on the part of students, schools, or districts to transfer data.

  10. Will permissions and custom messages established in Family Connection automatically transition to Naviance Student?


  11. Can my students continue using Family Connection during the 2017-18 school year?

    Yes, Family Connection will be available for the remainder of the 2017-18 school year.

  12. Can my students use Family Connection during the 2018-19 school year?

    No, Family Connection will not be available after August 2018.

  13. Will my students and I need to learn an entirely new student experience?

    The layout of Naviance Student is consistent with Family Connection today, making the transition easier for students and staff.

  14. Is there an additional cost for the new student experience?

    Naviance Student is included in every Naviance subscription. There is no separate charge.

  15. How do students login to the new experience?

    Students will login with their same usernames and passwords from the same place they've always logged in. For Naviance District Edition clients with the Clever integration, students will continue to access Naviance from the Clever dashboard. No further action is required.

  16. Can parents access Naviance Student?

    Yes, parents will have access to Naviance Student. Like Family Connection, parents will have view-only access to students' plans.

  17. Do I need to update the Naviance URL on my school or district's website?

    While students will be re-directed to sign into the new experience from your current login page, we recommend updating the URL to[your school's account name] for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

  18. Will the student experience of Naviance Test Prep and Naviance College & Career Readiness Curriculum change when Naviance Student is introduced?

    No, the launch of Naviance Student does not affect the student experience of Naviance Test Prep and Naviance College & Career Readiness Curriculum. Students will continue to access Naviance Test Prep and Naviance Curriculum from the home page of the new student experience.

  19. What support is available for upgrading to the new experience?

    A Preparation Checklist as well as video overviews and tutorials are now available to ensure a successful transition to the new student experience.

    Naviance Professional Services is available to assist in creating a roll-out plan that meets your school or district's needs. Please contact your Account Manager or call 1-866-337-0080 for more information.

  20. Why did you change the name from Family Connection to Naviance Student?

    Students are at the center of your work and our work. The name 'Naviance Student' emphasizes that we are all committed to student success. Counselors, teachers, parents, and administrators are critical supports to helping students reach their college and career readiness goals.

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