Connecting Learning
to Life

Naviance provides all students with differentiated quality guidance to support them in reaching their greatest potential after secondary school and to keep them engaged and progressing towards their goals.

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Career Exploration

Connecting students' interests to their potential career paths early ensures active participation in their own academic success and opens their eyes to a world of career opportunities. The career planning tools in Naviance allow students to understand how their strengths, goals, skills, and interests can lead to exciting careers.

Higher Education Prep

Each student’s path is unique. How can your school help students reach their unique goals by connecting their passion to their future? Naviance allows students to create a personalised plan that helps them make the right decisions throughout their academic journey.

Academic Planning

Early academic planning is critical to helping students achieve long-term success by aligning their interests with their chosen path. Naviance keeps students focused on their objectives by helping students, families and staff create subject plans that match students’ interests and fulfill graduation requirements.


Students build confidence by trying new things, pursuing what they love, and learning from their missteps in a safe environment. Naviance is that safe place—by helping students focus on what’s strong, reflect on their interests and strengths, and explore a wide-variety of future options.

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