Feliz Naviance: How to Promote Family Connection to Students and Parents with Video
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Feliz Naviance: How to Promote Family Connection to Students and Parents with Video

Austin High School, in Sugar Land, TX, is thinking of creative ways to promote Naviance! We recently sat down with Mrs. Laura Jeffery, College and Career Advisor at Austin HS, to hear more about how they are using video to promote the use of Family Connection to students and parents.

HOBSONS: What inspired the video?

MRS. JEFFERY: Dr. Terry Sheneman (Fort Bend ISD College and Career Coordinator) created the words with the help of some of his colleagues. He says that when you want to get someone’s attention, put it to a song or jingle that everyone knows! That’s where Feliz Naviance came from.

HOBSONS: Who had a hand in making/producing it?

MRS. JEFFERY: When Dr. Sheneman gave me the lyrics to Feliz Naviance I knew we needed to do something to get the staff involved. I brainstormed with our choir director, Adrian Rodriguez, and he recommended a lib dub. We planned this on a Monday night, filmed on a Wednesday, and had it ready to go for Thursday morning.

HOBSONS: How are you currently using the video within the school to promote Naviance?

MRS. JEFFERY: Being that Fort Bend ISD has just announced Naviance to the students, parents, teachers, and the district, this is one of our promotional tools. We have sent it out to our staff, district office, and students and parents. We also have shared it with our social media sites. Our goal is to get the students excited about using Family Connection and all the amazing things that it can do.

HOBSONS: How did you get the school to participate?

MRS. JEFFERY: It was very easy! Wednesdays are our college days so we asked that all teachers wear their college t-shirts. I met with our Professional Learning Communities Team Leads about the vision. I asked the teachers to bring props or pick props that I had (pennants, diploma covers, beach ball, sun glasses, and graduation gowns). I also opened it up to student organizations.

HOBSONS: Do you have any tips for organizing, filming, and promoting a video like this?

MRS. JEFFERY: PLAN Ahead! Be creative and have fun!

HOBSONS: Anything else you’d like to share?

MRS. JEFFERY: Thank you for making such a great program for our students to use!

Kim Oppelt

Kim Oppelt

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