Five Things We Love About School Counselors
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Five Things We Love About School Counselors

It’s National School Counseling Week – a time when we not only bring awareness to the school counseling profession, but also show our appreciation for the school counselors who are making a difference in lives around the world.

At Hobsons, we value our school counselors and we know we couldn’t achieve our goal of helping students meet their maximum potential without them. Counselors are advocates, friends, shoulders to lean on, and enforcers (in the best way possible!). Students rely every day on their counselors whether they know it or not!

To recognize our school counselors during this important week, we wanted to share five things we love most about them.

  1. They are expert multi-taskers. Just when you think counselors couldn’t do any more, they do! Counselors face a day full of classroom visits, group counseling, college applications, IEP meetings, schedule changes, and unexpected emergencies, and they tackle them quickly and efficiently. Who else can handle such a wide array of duties in such a short period of time?
  2. They can turn around a student’s day. Nobody can talk with a student like a counselor. School counselors have the tools and personality to not only be good listeners, but also great problem solvers and mentors. Having a bad day? Check in with your school counselor. He or she will help to put a smile on your face!
  3. They’re the life of the party. When it comes to morale, the school counselor is on top of it. School counselors tend to get involved beyond what is outlined in their job descriptions and make school fun.
  4. They know technology. School counselors are blog masters, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) experts, and many are Naviance professionals. Counselors know that technology helps them conquer their busy day and serve the needs of all students.
  5. They support student success. School counselors dedicate their lives to student success. They work with students who are struggling in class or in their personal lives, they encourage students to do their best, and they help all students to chart the path to their future!

Congratulations and thank you, school counselors. This week, we celebrate YOU!

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Kim Oppelt

Kim Oppelt

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