Hobsons Introduces New Game-Based Learning Platform for College Preparation and Placement Exams
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Hobsons Introduces New Game-Based Learning Platform for College Preparation and Placement Exams

ARLINGTON, VA – (August 19, 2015) – Hobsons, the world’s leader in connecting learning and life, today announced Naviance Test Prep, a new online learning platform that makes test prep engaging and personalized for students. The new solution uses game-based mechanics to deliver content from leading publishers, including McGraw Hill, Allen Prep, Cengage Learning, and MasteryPrep. 

“At Hobsons, we recognize the importance of early preparation and academic preparedness when it comes to standardized testing and college readiness exams -- not to simply teach to a test but to help students take advantage of opportunity,” said Stephen M. Smith, president of advising and admissions solutions for Hobsons. “Over years of delivering test preparation as part of a comprehensive college and career planning curriculum, we've learned that students require an engaging, adaptive approach to instruction in order to maximize their effort. However, even more important is the need to provide actionable insight and reporting to educators so they can identify those students with the most needs. With Naviance Test Prep, institutions — starting with middle schools — can assess the level academic readiness for each of their students, and deliver the appropriate interventions to improve results.” 

Naviance Test Prep is seamlessly integrated with the Naviance platform, which enables students to access all of their college and career planning resources in one place, and helps school counselors and administrators report on the progress of their institutions’ college readiness efforts while delivering individualized guidance and instruction to each student. The new courses are personalized to help students maximize study time by focusing on content most important to them. The game-based solution rewards students with achievements and badges as they answer questions correctly.

The latest research on gamification and learning proves that students are more likely to learn critical concepts when materials contain incentives and game mechanics.

In addition to helping students prepare for the ACT and SAT, Naviance Test Prep now offers content for 18 Advanced Placement® courses, furthering students’ ability to pursue their college and career readiness goals. The new solution also is aligned to Common Core and ACT standards, and content is continually refreshed by subject-matter experts from various publishers.

Naviance Test Prep was built with schools and educators in mind. Intelligent reporting shows how students are progressing, where they need to improve, and which students need additional support. Students using the foundational technology for Naviance Test Prep saw an average 16 percent test score improvement based on a recent survey.  Other useful features include:

  • Score Predictions: Based on historical course data, Naviance Test Prep predicts a student’s score on test day.
  • Tablet Compatibility: For ultimate ease of use, the platform is compatible with any iOS, Android, or Windows device.
  • Fresh Content: Content is continually refreshed by subject matter experts.

Available today, Naviance Test Prep will support students preparing for the redesigned version of the SAT exam, which is being administered for the first time in March 2016.

For more information on Naviance Test Prep, visit the website here.

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