New Self-Paced Training Resources Available, Made Specifically for Teachers
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New Self-Paced Training Resources Available, Made Specifically for Teachers

One of the most important aspects of a successful Naviance implementation is understanding how each staff role at a school will interact with your students, and making sure that those key stakeholders have the training resources they need in order to excel in their duties as part of the overall college and career readiness program. And while many components of Naviance allow for collaboration across school resources, we recognize that to encourage student engagement and adoption, it is critical for teachers to be onboard with Naviance and be comfortable promoting it to students. The classroom is where students spend most of their school time, after all. Therefore, educating teachers on how to use Naviance to guide their students to connect learning with life will have a strong, positive effect on student achievement.

However, implementing a Professional Development plan for all of the teachers at your school can be cost prohibitive, especially for large districts. That’s why we’ve put together the Teacher Engagement Package, a new bundle of self-paced training videos, communication templates, reference guides, and classroom lessons and activities. The Teacher Engagement Package helps teachers incorporate Naviance activities into the classroom with the goal of helping students better connect classroom learning to their own aspirations. Empowering teachers is one of the best ways to infuse Naviance into a school’s culture, and promote a collaborative environment. From these materials, teachers learn how to:

  • Incorporate Naviance and PrepMe into the classroom
  • Guide students through college and career readiness lessons
  • Support students using Naviance Family Connection and PrepMe
  • Leverage Naviance to collaborate with staff and better support students

Watch the video below or contact us to learn more about what’s included in the Teacher Engagement Package. 

Introducing the Naviance Teacher Engagement Package from Hobsons on Vimeo.

Miranda Lee

Miranda Lee

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