TeenLife Education Enrichment Guides: Spotlight on Therapeutic Schools & Programs
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TeenLife Education Enrichment Guides: Spotlight on Therapeutic Schools & Programs

Enrichment programs can help teenagers expand their knowledge, prepare for college level coursework, and learn to overcome challenges. TeenLife Media is committed to helping counselors connect more students to opportunities that can help them to launch successfully into life beyond school. This year, TeenLife is publishing 6 free enrichment program guides. TeenLife also provides over 1,000 enrichment program opportunities for students in Naviance, which can be enabled in every Naviance school.

Naviance counselors are invited to sign up to receive two free printed copies of each of TeenLife’s guides this year, including:

  • Guide to Performing & Visual Arts Colleges (October)
  • Guide to Gap Programs (December)
  • Guide to Overnight Summer Programs (January)
  • Guide to STEM Programs (March)
  • Guide to Therapeutic Schools & Programs (March)
  • Guide to Preparing for College (May)

By opting in, counselors will also receive email notices about new resources and other enrichment education materials.

This year, we wanted to highlight the 2015 Guide to Therapeutic Schools & Programs —a resource for parents and educators looking for the best-fit school or program for students with emotional or behavioral differences.

TeenLife believes that the perfect special needs school or program will suit the student’s learning needs, while also incorporating the emotional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that support success. Finding a place that feels right for a child and for their family is a personal and complicated process. Our 3rd annual Guide to Therapeutic Schools & Programs support counselors and families in researching the options.

Readers will discover tips and articles designed to help parents navigate the decision process. For example, Jeffrey Brain, MA, CTS, CEP, Certified Educational Planner, recommends looking at many factors before considering a therapeutic program or school, including:

  • Depth of expertise in their specialization
  • Background of staff
  • Access to other parents, students, and alumni of the program
  • Appropriate accreditations and licenses
  • Program approach to comprehensive aftercare

In the guide, counselors and families will learn about a variety of special programs and boarding schools that serve teens with mental health issues, addiction, and/or other behavioral concerns. You can check out last year’s issue of the Guide now.

The Guide will include information about the benefits of using an Independent Educational Consultant and tips for selecting one, as well as the personal stories of counselors, parents, and students who have found that perfect special needs school or program. Parents can search for a special needs advisor on TeenLife.com.

We believe that every teenager can overcome obstacles to be successful at school, at work, and in the community. We sincerely hope that our upcoming Guide, which lists some of the best special needs programs and schools in the nation, provides educators and families with the information and direction to discover great opportunities for special needs students.

Naviance schools are encouraged to explore and activate enrichment programs in Family Connection today. TeenLifeEnrichment Program listings in Family Connection include overnight and summer programs, gap programs, and post-graduate year programs. Schools can access these listings at no additional cost. Activate today.



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