Elementary Schools

What can educators do to help students discover the possibilities and lead them to long-term college and career succcess?

Elementary students are highly engaged and naturally curious. Have you ever asked a child in elementary school what they want to be when they grew up? When you do, you see their eyes light up as they discuss the possibilities. Educators and researchers know that students’ interests develop at a very young age, and students of lower socioeconomic status typically rely on schools to introduce—and reinforce—a college-going or career-oriented culture.

Naviance for Elementary School helps ensure an equal introduction to college and careers for all students. Students will better understand who they are, discover educational and career paths, and develop the skills to be successful in school and beyond.


Elementary students will discover what makes them unique through the blended learning courses in Naviance for Elementary School. They will begin exploring likes, dislikes, and strengths in an interactive and engaging way.

Jennifer Quintana

Naviance for Elementary School opens doors for teachers to have conversations with students about their futures. It also helps students understand why school is important. It’s hard for kids at this age to think about their future. Naviance opens up doors for more conversations than they’ve ever had before.

Jennifer Quintana Elementary School Counselor
Coronado Hills Elementary School

College Preparation

Naviance for Elementary School introduces students to the steps in their educational journey—and to understand why they are important to their long-term success. They learn how college can help them pursue different career paths based on their interests.

Tori Blackburn

It’s critical for my students to be introduced to college and careers at this age because many of our students have never thought about their college and career futures before. The majority of our students’ parents have not had continuing education after high school or might not have completed high school so it’s important that these 5th graders see some of the opportunities that will be available to them one day.

Tori Blackburn 5th Grade Teacher
Sable Elementary School

Career Exploration

Architect. Astronaut. President of the United States. Elementary students have a natural curiosity for the “adult” world and have great dreams for their future selves. Naviance for Elementary School allows these students to satisfy that curiosity, begin exploring what careers are, and see how their strengths and interests can align to careers they may not have known exist.

Academic Planning

Students will begin to understand that what they’re studying in school directly relates to the careers they can pursue—and their long-term success in life. Students will learn which career fields relate to which subjects. As these concepts develop, students will understand that their education is a key part of the path towards their future and that their education can help them reach their goals.

Tori Blackburn

I truly believe that all of the 10 and 11 years olds I am around every day think of what their future can hold thanks to Naviance for Elementary School.

Tori Blackburn Fifth Grade Teacher
Sable Elementary School
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